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Organisational Strategist | Experienced Senior Management – Director & CEO Level

A senior executive with more than 30 years of leadership and contributions in diverse environments, delivering management consultancy services, organisational (including business/marketing) solutions, successful program and project implementation, community engagements and public affairs, improved business processes/operational efficiency, and high-performing teams. Sector/industry experience includes: educational administration, local government, community organisations and federal government.

Recognised by colleagues as a strategist and program delivery specialist who builds teams and team confidence resulting in successful achievement of program/project objectives and desired organisational outcomes, as a highly-regarded member of the Australian Army Cadets throughout Australia.



  • Strategy & Policy Development, Implementation

  • Strategic Partnership, Stakeholder Engagement

  • External Communications, Public Relations

  • Business Development— Marketing (including Social Media)

  • Financial Planning & Management, Reporting

  • Corporate Leadership, Governance, Risk Management

  • Board Support & Advisory

  • Project Management & Delivery

  • Process Improvement, Performance Management

  • Leadership, Team Development, Mentoring


0412 016117

Sydney and regional NSW



News & comment

Abercrombie House, Bathurst


We have been responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of the Abercrombie House web site. The House is a tourist icon of the Bathurst region and regarded as one of the finest hisyoric homes open to the public in Australia. Visit the web site by clicking here.

Institute of Business Studies, PNG


In 2013 Richard Morgan was on assigment in Port Moresbey and the Enga Province in PNG to advise the chairman and founder of the prestigious Institute of Business Studies which offers a range of tertiary qualifications and degrees from Southern Cross University. Richard provided business planning and growth solutions for IBS. IBS Web Site

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